Renewing a Cypriot Driving Licence

Understand how to renew a driving licence after the age of 70...

In Cyprus the initial period of validity of categories AM, A1, A2, A, B, B1, B+E has changed from the 70th birthday of the holder to 15 years from the date of issue. After reaching the age of 55 years, if the driving license holder falls into one of these categories, the licence will be renewed, valid until age 70 years.

The initial period of validity of categories C, C+E, C1, C1+E, D, D+E, D1, D1+E has changed from the 70th birthday of the holder to 5 years from the date of issue.

Existing Cyprus full paper licences are valid until their expiry date, except those that expire beyond 2033. These are only valid until 19 January 2033, no matter what the expiry date is on the licence.

If the holder wishes to add another category to their paper licence or it is lost, destroyed or for other reason needs to be replaced or renewed, it will be issued under the new arrangements.

The earliest a driving licence can be renewed is within the last month before its expiry.

Medical Examinations

At 70 years of age, drivers are required to obtain a signed copy of form TOM 153B from a doctor stating that the applicant is fit to drive. After the age of 70, driving licences are normally valid for three years. The medical certificate form is available from the DoRT or can be downloaded.

Form TOM 153B is also required if the applicant has disabilities, and when applying for licences in categories C, C + E, D, D + E, subcategories C1, C1 + E, D1, D1 + E, and special classes G, H, I.

In addition, drivers need to fill in Driving Licence Application Form TOM 7B and provide two passport photographs.

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