Permanent Residence

Find out what to do about how to go about obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus...

Citizens from other EU countries who have been resident in Cyprus for at least five uninterrupted years are eligible to apply for a Permanent Registration Certificate.

Non-EU citizen family members of an EU citizen may apply for a Permanent Residence Card. An application for a Permanent Residence Card must be submitted within one month of the Residence Card's expiry. The Permanent Residence Card for non-EU family members is valid for 10 years and is renewable.

The family members residing with anyone who has obtained permanent residency are also eligible to apply, regardless of nationality.

A Cyprus resident need not wait five years before applying for permanent residence if they have been employed or self-employed on a permanent basis for a fixed period of time. There is also some protection for the family members of a person who could qualify for permanent residency but dies before doing so. In all instances the criteria differ and information is available from the Ministry of the Interior (in Greek).

Permanent Registration Certificate validity

Residence cards without an expiry date remain valid during temporary absences not exceeding six months in any year or by one absence of a maximum of 12 consecutive months for pregnancy, childbirth, serious illness, study or professional training, or a posting in a different country.

Once permanent residency is acquired, an absence from the country of more than two consecutive years will nullify residency.

Application for permanent residency

A completed application form MEU3A is required along with:

  • Valid passport or identity card; and several copies
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of the Interior website: Click here

For more information on this procedure, contact the Civil Registry and Migration Department at the Ministry of the Interior.

  • Ministry of the Interior
    : Dimostheni Severi Avenue, 1453 Nicosia
    Tel: 22 867 625
    Fax: 22 671 465
    : Monday to Friday: 08:15-12:15; Wednesday 08:15-12:15 and 15:15-17:00
Cyprus Identity Cards

EU and non-EU nationals who reside in Cyprus are no longer given Cyprus identity cards.  People of Cypriot origin only are entitled to obtain an ID card, when they acquire Cypriot nationality. ID cards issued to non-Cypriot nationals are not a substitute for a residency document.

Related Information
  • All application forms are available for download: Click here
  • For the Cyprus Police website: Click here
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