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Fixed-line telephone in Cyprus is provided by Cyta, an independent (but government-owned) company and PrimeTel; both provide packages for home and business usage.

Cyta services: Cyta provides services for personal, business and small business use. These include the supply of land-lines, mobile phones (on monthly payment contracts and pay as you go), data transmission, telegraph transmission, maritime, TV transmission and reception, private leased circuits, audio text, video conferencing, ISDN, DSL, Internet and ATM/Frame Relay.

  • Cyta
    : Telecommunications Street, Strovolos, PO Box 24929, 1396 Nicosia
    Tel: 22 701 000 or 132 (from Cyprus only)
    Fax: 22 494 940

Cyta service can be initiated by signing up over the phone, online, or at a CytaShop. It also has customer service offices, called CytaShops, located throughout Cyprus.

PrimeTel services: PrimeTel provides land-line telephone, Internet (ADSL2 and broadband), Free-to-Air TV, digital TV, video on demand and pre-paid talk plans. The company offers residential packages as well as services for businesses

  • PrimeTel PLC
    At: The Maritime Center, 141 Omonia Avenue, PO Box 51490, 3506 Limassol
    Tel: 22 027 300 or 25 867 289 (residential services) or 133 (from Cyprus only)
    Fax: 22 102 211
  • PrimeTel Home

PrimeTel also has customer service offices throughout Cyprus.

  • To find the nearest Customer Support Center: Click here and scroll down

Getting a land line connected

Contact Cyta or PrimeTel directly in order to have a land line activated or installed.

Directory Enquiries

Public Telephones

Cyta public phones are in all towns, villages, ports and airports. There are three types of public telephones, coinphones, outdoor cardphones and indoor cardphones. All public phones can be used for local and international calls.

Cardphones accept payment by Telecards, which are available in various denominations. They can be purchased at banks, post offices, souvenir shops, kiosks and CytaShops.

Mobile/Cellular Telephone Services

Mobile cellular telephones are available from major retailers and phone shops. If coming to Cyprus with a phone from another country, it may be possible to use it in Cyprus if the frequency band is the same (GSM 900/1800; UMTS 2100). The most economical way to make and receive calls will likely be to purchase a SIM card in Cyprus. All incoming calls are free and local calls are charged at a local rate.

In order to do use a foreign phone in Cyprus, the phone must be "unlocked", meaning it is not tied to a particular provider's network. If the phone is locked, it may be possible to unlock the phone at phone stores in the originating country or in Cyprus.

Once a phone is unlocked, it may be used on any network (provided the phone uses the same technology provided in Cyprus).

Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone usage

Pay-As-You-Go usage means no contract is necessary; users buy pre-paid credits for usage. In order to use the phone on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, make sure the phone is unlocked, purchase a SIM card (a very small replaceable microchip) for a small fee, remove the old SIM card (often underneath the phone battery) and install the new SIM card. The new SIM card packaging will include the new Cyprus phone number. Purchase credit (available in periptero kiosks, tobacconists, post offices and petrol stations) and redeem it with the salesperson (if purchased in a phone store) or via phone call or text message.

There are no roaming agreements with the northern part of Cyprus; Cyprus mobile phones do not work there, however a cellular handset from another country works on both sides of the island.

Cytamobile- Vodaphone has pre-paid services under their SoEasy plan.

  • For more information on the SoEasy plan: Click here

Monthly payment plans

Cyta has monthly payment plans which generally offer a better rate for frequent callers. Packages include:

  • Light: intended for customers who do not wish to make many calls
  • Classic: intended for customers with average to high use
  • For information on Cyta mobile phone plans: Click here

A contract is needed to subscribe to monthly plans; there are penalties for early cancellation.

MTN Cyprus

MTN Cyprus provides mobile broadband services for mobile cellular phones, BlackBerrys and other 3G devices.

  • MTN has a comprehensive website in English: Click here
Area Codes
Cyprus country code 
(insert before dialling the local number with area code)
Nicosia 22
Famagusta 23
Larnaca 24
Limassol, Platres 25
Paphos, Polis 26
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