School Holidays in Cyprus

When the children are on holiday: the school term dates you need to know in Cyprus...

The Cyprus school year follows the three term system with vacation breaks in summer, the Christmas/New Year period and the Greek Orthodox Easter period falling in spring. Most English-curriculum schools have a mid-term break of one week in October and February.

  • The school year includes registration days
  • Some primary schools named after a Saint are closed on the corresponding Saint's day
  • The Minister of Education and Culture (MOEC) may choose to change the dates for educational benefit reasons

Secondary school vacation dates vary from district to district, and private international schools have different dates for their school holidays.

Note: Please always check with the relevant school to confirm the holiday dates.

General Guide to School Holidays in Cyprus

Back to School 1 September
Cyprus Independence Day 1 October holiday
Ochi Day 28 October holiday
Christmas Holidays Week before Christmas to after Epiphany (6 January)
Three Holy Hierarchs 30 January holiday
Green Monday (Clean Monday) First Monday of Lent (3 March 2014)
Easter Break Good Monday to Friday after Easter
Greek Independence Day 25 March holiday
Greek Cypriot National Day 1 April holiday
Labour Day/May Day 1 May holiday
Pentacost/Kataklysmos Religious holiday
Summer Break June 30
Private School Dates

This is a rough guide to the dates of private international schools' terms for the school year. Please note that term dates are approximate, as each private school has its own timetable.

Private International Schools 2012-2013

September term begins Early September
October half term break Last week of October
December break 20 December 2012 to 7 January 2013
Half term break 13-17 February 2013
Green Monday 18 March 2013
Eastern Easter holiday 29 April - 7 May 2013
Summer break 21 June 2013

Private International Schools 2013-2014

September term begins Late August to early September 2013
October half term break Last week of October
December break 20-23 December 2013 to 7 January 2014
Half term break One week between late February and early March
Green Monday 3 March 2014
Eastern Easter holiday 14 April - 25 April 2014
Summer break 21 June 2014
Further Information
  • The MOEC publishes holiday dates for primary schools on its website: Click here (in Greek)
  • The MOEC also publishes lists of contact details for state and independent schools: Click here (in Greek)
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