Animal Identification and Registration

Find out how to correctly register your pet in Cyprus, including information on microchipping and licensing...


Dogs brought to Cyprus must be identified by microchip and registered in the Cyprus Databank; they must also be licenced with Central Registration. It is the owner's responsibility to register and licence a dog - it is not done by a veterinarian. Failure to register a dog can incur a large fine.

If the dog is not microchipped, owners should take their dog to a veterinarian to have a microchip implanted. The veterinarian will give the owner microchip documentation and also issue a health book for the dog.

A microchip is no bigger than a rice grain and is injected beneath the animal's skin, usually in the neck area. The chip contains identification information and is read with a hand-held scanner. The microchip is preferable to a tattoo as a form of ID as it does not fade and the animal does not need to be anaesthetised (as it might to be tattooed).

Registration and Licensing

Once the dog is microchipped, the microchip documentation must be taken to the District Veterinary Services and a small registration fee paid. The owner will receive a registration certificate. The dog and owner's information will be registered in conjunction with the microchip so the dog can be identified in the future.

  • Famagusta District Veterinary Station
    : 24 721571
    Fax: 24 722811
  • Larnaca District Veterinary Office
    : 24 821275 
    Fax: 24 304270
  • Lefkosia District Veterinary Office
    : 22 805240/1
  • Limassol District Veterinary Office
    : 25 819512
    Fax: 25 306544
  • Nicosia District Veterinary Office
    Tel: 22 805241
  • Paphos District Veterinary Office
    : 26 821261
    Fax: 26 306198

When the dog is registered, the registration certificate and health book must be taken to the local Municipality or Community Council in order to receive a dog licence. The following are required:

  • Registration certificate, issued by the District Veterinary Service
  • Health book, issued by the vet
  • Payment of the licence fee

If the dog changes owner, the District Veterinary Services must be notified in order to change the registration information and the dog licence must be transferred to the new owner.

Additional registration options

EuropePetNet is a supplementary free animal registration service which may be useful in the event a pet is lost or found in an EU country of which it is not resident. When an animal is found and taken to a vet or a shelter, the vet or shelter can use EuropePetNet to find the owner.

  • For more information, see the EuropePetNet website: Click here
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